The Top 67 Foods To Eat for An Alkaline Body

Alkaline Food

Here is a list of the top 67 foods to eat. Most likely, you are already eating many of these foods.  The more you eat of these foods the less acid your body will accumulate, and your body will become more alkaline.

alkaline foodMaking your body too alkaline can be a health problem.  But in general, most people have an acid body and need to eat the food that will make their body alkaline.

How to use the chart

If you concentrate on eating the foods in this list and rotate from one group of food to the other weekly, you will provide yourself with all the nutrients that we have talked about in the different articles. These foods contain the minerals that will make your body more alkaline.

Remember that the basic idea in maintaining good health is to get minerals into your body that makes your body alkaline.  This list provides you with the foods that will do exactly that. Eat these foods in different forms – as fruit, as juice, in deserts, in smoothies.

It’s ok to eat cooked food occasionally, but use plenty of raw foods in your diet. Cooked food lack the enzymes for digestion, and your body will have to provide them. Over your life time, your body can only produce so many enzymes; you can live longer when you eat food that already has enzymes – raw food.

Fruits and Juices



Eat most of your fruits in the morning and between meals.  Eating mostly fruits from morning to noon will help to detoxify your body.   Try to avoid eating large meals in the morning, since this prevents

Vegetables Fruits Nuts & Beans
Asparagus Apples ,fresh & dried Almonds
Brussels sprouts Guava Beechnuts
Cucumber Blueberries Black walnuts
Green Lettuce leaf Black cherries Brazil nuts
Beets Bananas Caraway seeds
Beet greens Grapes & grape juice Cashew nuts
Leaf lettuce Dried fruits Chestnuts
Mustard greens Dates, dried Chia seeds
Globe artichoke Muskmelon English walnuts
Dandelion greens Cherries Hickory nuts
Green peppers Papaya Pistachio nuts
Artichokes Avocados Sesame seeds
Cabbage Mangoes Sunflower seeds
Broccoli Blackberries Walnuts
Onions Peaches Pine nuts
Beet tops, greens Pears, dried
Carrots Pineapple
Onion leaves Prunes
Greens Pumpkins
Greens Raisins
Cauliflower Red raspberries
Celery Strawberries
Kale Tomatoes
Collard greens Watermelon
Peas, fresh green

your body from eliminating toxins that have been discharged from your body during the night into your elimination channels.