The Number One Secret to Slow Down Aging

Juices and Tonics Can Make You Young

Use Juices and Tonics to keep you from fast aging and to maintain your youth.  Juices, raw fruits and vegetables should be the center of your health program.  Many books and practitioners say that juices can harm you, if used in excess. But juices and tonics are what you need to bring your health back to normal and to help you feel and be youthful.

Vary the juices that you drink.  Use apple, orange, strawberry, and other sweet juices.  But, balance this out by drinking sour juices like lemon, antiaging juicepomegranate, or cranberry juice.

How Can You Reverse Your Age

What is important in your health is what you eat. If you eat foods that harm you, you can look and feel 8 to 10 years older than you are.  But if you eat and drink the right foods you can knock off 4 to 8 years off your appearance, in time.

Using vegetables and special anti-aging tonic recipes, you can reverse disease and maintain your young energy and appearance.

There are tremendous reasons to use a variety of juices and to find those tonics that provide unusual health benefits.  Juice recipes are packed with minerals and special nutrients that can turn a sick body in one that is busting with health.  Choosing the right juice recipes are the key to doing this.

Use Juice Tonics for Antiaging

Juice Tonics are special liquid mixtures that are designed to attack and reverse certain body ailments.  In combination with juice recipes they become a power house to provide you with extra ordinary anti-aging properties.

It is these juices and tonics that can provide you with the power to reverse your acid body into an alkaline body that can resist those diseases that are always nearby ready to take over your body.  You can stop these diseases, but you have to know how to use natural organic food that is available at many farmer’s market.  If organic is not available, the next choice is to use non-organic, but peel or wash them properly.

frozen fruit - stop agingIf you do not have fresh fruits or vegetables to use, frozen is the next best choice.  Frozen can be used in the blender to prepare juice or vegetable smoothies.  As a last resort, you can use bottle juices, but buy them in a glass container.  Bottle juices are no longer alkaline, but are acid and do contain many of the nutrients juices have.

Using health tonics, smoothies, and special nutritional drinks are the best way to improve your health.  No matter what illness you have, you need to incorporate these important drinks in your health routine.